The wildlife paintings and pencil drawings below are available to buy. They are one off originals and can be sent framed or unframed. The prices vary and take into consideration the time spent on each piece. 

10% of the profits goes to animal rescue & wildlfe organisations. Click here for more information



Leopard Eyes – Pastel on paper, 42cm x 52cm, framed – 180 pounds inc. delivery

Leopards are stunning creatures and have incredibly developed senses

Including the capacity to hear 5 times better than humans and they can see 7 times better in the dark. They are very strong and can carry their own weight in prey, up a tree. They are an endangered species and it is estimated poachers kill 4 Leopards every week. The reference photo I used was by wildlife photographer Shannon Wild.

Mr Wolfe. – Pastel on pastel mat, 30cm x 40cm, framed – 125 pounds inc. delivery

Bamboo Lemur – Pastel on Paper, 42cm x 52cm, framed – 180 pounds inc. delivery

My Bamboo Lima pastel drawing is now framed. The reference photo by Shannon Wild, wildlife photographer.
I believe the photo was taken in 2013 and even then the Lemurs numbers were very low (around 500) and they were critically endangered. These beautiful animals live on bamboo and sadly humans and climate change have seriously affected their food source. So many interesting facts about these creatures…

Lion Eyes, Pencil on Paper, 30cm x 40cm, framed – 125 pounds inc. delivery

Bumble Bee, Pencil on Paper, 34cm x 42cm, framed – 125pounds inc. delivery

Tiger Tiger, Pencil on Paper, 41cm x 56cm, framed – 125 pounds inc. delivery 


If you are interested in buying one of these finished pieces or commissioning a new project please feel free to contact us on today.