Send your photos via email to  for help regarding suitability/possible poses, layout for a pet portrait.

Over many years we have found for the best results photos need to be a head shot or close up with a high resolution 

Choose photos that show the main features of the face, slightly at an angle and with the head slightly raised.

Please feel free to send other images of the animal to give as much reference as possible

The better the quality of the photograph the better the end result portrait. The subject matter (dog, cat, elephant) should fill the frame rather than the subject being a small spec on the photograph. A 3/4 head shot is better than having a straight on photo for most breeds, as this stops the noses looking too flat and gives dimension to the face.

Inside or Outside ?


Natural lighting is best – try to take the photos when the sun is not too bright. If you find that you have to take the shot inside then please send extra photos to assist with the normal colourings (for example eyes affected by use of flash).



For head portraits I generally do either a pale colour wash if its a dark coloured animal or a dark background if its a light/white haired animal. For larger portraits I can change the background  – a scene from your garden or other memorable place. I can also include toys, trophies, special collars or even yourself. 

Group portraits

Pets do not have to be in the same photo, I can work from individual photos. If you have a group shot of them together please send this.


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